Tomato Sandwich with Avocado Mayo

Tomato Sandwich with Avocado Mayo

I love foods that get along with each other; they are just a wonder to combine… like tomato and avocado. So this week I thought I’d make a simple, quick but tasty sandwich with such simple ingredients. This is a sandwich I made last week with my mother when we had an improvised picnic on the terrace under the hot sun. Continue reading

I am also really excited to announce that from October on I will be blogging for the tasty association the “amis da la forcheta” which is an association that focuses on products from Ticino by organising gastronomic events and walks. They are a group that proudly supports locals products and also, they have an eye on ecological sustainability. All of these aspects I personally consider to be really important. Over the next few weeks I will write more about it; but for now I am really excited to share the news! With a heart full of excitement I wish you all a great week 😀

Tomato Sandwich with Avocado Mayo


Tomato Sandwich with Avocado Mayo


Recipe for 4:

Prep time: 15 min

Cook time: 5 min



8 1 cm thick slices brown bread

2 small avocadoes

4 small tbsp. mayonnaise

2 meaty tomatoes (I used the beef heart kind)

2 spring onions (white part only)

A few salad leaves

Powdered chilli

Salt and pepper



Toast the four slices of bread either in a toaster or in an oven. Once they’re lightly toasted let the cool by leaning them on something so that they don’t lay flat and therefore loose they crunchiness.

Remove the hard part of the tomatoes and slice them into 3-4 mm thick pieces. Do the same with the spring onion.

Cut the avocadoes in two, remove the pit and remove the meat with the help of a tbsp. Place the avocado meat in a bowl and mash it with a fork. Add mayo and powdered chilli to taste and mix all together.

Take a slice of bread and spread on one side a generous layer of the avocado mayo. On top place the tomatoes and the spring onion, season with salt and pepper, add the salad leaves and top with a second slice of bread. Repeat with the rest of the bread slice and the ingredients and serve.


Mushroom Broccoli Phyllo Pockets

Mushroom Broccoli Parcels With a full week and weekend I was happy to stay at home on Sunday and dedicate myself to a little cooking. Sunday to me is the no sports day, which means I have more time on my hands. Continue reading

With time on my hands and a pack of phyllo pastry waiting in the fridge I got down to preparing these veggie filled pockets. The broccoli and mushroom filling is easy to make and to actually put the pockets together, after the first one or two pieces, you’ll easily get the hang of it. I found it trickier to actually describe the procedure than to make it. These savoury treats are easy to hold in your hands and they will work well for an aperitif or a friendly buffet… one of my favourite ways to spend a meal.



Mushroom Broccoli Phyllo Pockets

Recipe for 8 pieces

Prep time: 35-40 min

Cook time: 30-35 min



180 g chestnut mushrooms

1 red onion

260 g broccoli florets roughly chopped

180 g sour cream

6 sheets rectangular phyllo pastry

2 tbsp. olive oil

40 g melted butter

45 g grated cheese (I used parmesan)

Salt and pepper



Slice the mushrooms into ½ cm pieces. Heat 1 tbsp. olive oil in a non-stick pan and add the mushrooms to brown. Make sure the pieces are all on one layer, otherwise do it in more batches. Once done set the mushrooms aside.

Wipe the pan and add the second tbsp. olive oil along with the chopped onion. Cook until soft for 4-5 on a low-medium fire then add the broccoli florets. Season with salt and pepper and cook on a medium fire until the broccoli turn bright green, stirring regularly. Once the greens are done add the mushrooms and the sour cream and cook for another couple of minutes. Correct seasoning if needed and set aside.

Take one sheet of phyllo pastry and brush it with the melted butter. Take a second piece and place it on top. Brush the second piece of phyllo pastry and add a third one on top. Place the three sheets with the width in front of you. With a pair of kitchen scissors cut the layered pastry in half, then cut each piece into half again. While you are working with phyllo pastry make sure the sheets you’re not using are sealed in some aluminium paper so they don’t dry.

Take one of the four strips and place a tbsp. of the prepared vegetables at one of the two extremities, on top sprinkle a tsp. of the grated cheese. Fold the pastry where the filling is by placing an angle towards the other side of the strip (see picture). Now that you have the main shape continue to fold the pastry until the end of the strip. Seal the pastry parcel by brushing a little butter on the last fold. Place fold down on a baking tray lined with oven paper. Repeat with the rest of the strips and repeat the whole operation with the last three sheets of phyllo pastry.

Chicken Sauerkraut Spring Rolls with a Mustardy Dip

Chicken Sauerkraut Springrolls with Mustardy Dip 11.2In the past couple of weeks we’ve had maybe a couple of days of sun and frankly I’m starting to go a little crazy, fortunately I can spend some time in the kitchen and this helps pulling my spirits up. Continue reading

Last week, during one of my lunches with my mother, we made these spring rolls. I was lucky to be able to do this with her since a couple days later she came down with pneumonia. Fortunately she isn’t in the hospital and now she’s on the track of recovery. We had a nice moment together and enjoyed the result of our work.

I adapted this recipe from, once again, Betty Bossi’s Swiss Cookbook. The original recipe called for cheese instead of chicken and the dip was a combination of crème fraiche and the premade sweet chilli sauce. So, except for the idea, I went ahead .did it according to my taste and was really satisfied with the result. It takes a little time to prepare these spring rolls but it’s a fun activity and I loved the taste.

Chicken Sauerkraut Spring rolls with Mustardy Dip


Chicken Sauerkraut Spring Rolls with a Mustardy Dip


Recipe for 12 Spring Rolls

Prep time: 30-35 min

Cook time: 18-20 min



For the spring rolls:

240 g chicken breast(s)

250 g cooked sauerkraut

4 sheets filo pasty

50-60 g melted butter

1 tbsp. rapeseed oil

salt and pepper

For the dip:

100 g sour cream

2 tsp. mustard

1 tsp. honey

2 tbsp. chopped spring onions



Cut the chicken into thin strips and season with salt and pepper. Heat one tbsp. rapeseed oil and add the chicken to brown for 4-5 min. Once done remove from the pan and set aside.

Heat oven at 200°C.

Take the sauerkraut place it in a tea towel, fold it and press out excess moisture.

Take one sheet of filo pastry and brush it with butter, take a second sheet of filo pastry and place it on top of the first one so that they stick together. Cut the double filo sheets in half lengthwise and then divide each half into three equal parts.

Take one of the cut pieces of filo pastry; add about one tbsp. of the chicken strips and one tbsp. of the sauerkraut. Take two opposing corners and fold them towards the centre. Take the corner that is nearest to you and fold that too; now roll the spring roll towards the last corner. Place the spring roll (join side down) on a baking tray lined with wax paper. Repeat with the rest of the other filo pastry squares. Restart the procedure with the second set of filo pastry.

Quite generously brush the spring rolls with melted butter and cook in the oven for about 15 min.

Meanwhile prepare the dip by mixing all the ingredients together. Serve with the spring rolls still warm from the oven.

Tomato Burrata Toasts

Tomato Burrata ToastsLast weekend, after a night out with my fiancé and a friend I slept at his place and on Sunday he brought me back home and we hung around a little together. Continue reading

Lately, our discussions are a lot about our wedding: who knows it, their reactions, the guests, and the possible venues… The thing is that we have two hard heads and I can see there will be debates ahead regarding just about every single detail. While we talked and joked I began feeling a little hungry and remembered I had some burrata in the fridge. The thought was enough to make me crave for it. I thought of making a quick aperitif for the both of us and so I put this pizza inspired recipe together in almost no time.

Tomato Burrata Toasts


Tomato Burrata Toasts


Recipe for 4 as an appetizer

Prep time: 8 min

Cook time: 15 min




22 cm long piece of baguette

300 g cherry tomatoes

1 tsp. dried oregano

Salt and pepper

Olive oil

75 g burrata



Heat oven at 220°C.

Chop the onion into 2 cm pieces and make sure the layers are divided.

In an ovenproof dish place the cherry tomatoes, the onion, and the dried oregano, salt and pepper. Add one tbsp. olive oil, toss and place in the oven for 15 min.

Meanwhile cut the baguette into two lengthwise and brush it with olive oil. After the tomatoes have cooked for about 10 min, place the baguettes in the oven too and cook until nicely toasted.

Remove the bread from the oven and set it aside. Take the tomatoes and roughly mash them with a fork.

Take one bread half and spread half of the tomatoes over it, repeat with the other piece of bread. Cut the burrata into pieces and add it on top of the tomatoes. Cut each toasted piece of bread into four pieces and serve.




Salmon Egg Horseradish Tartines – Tartines Saumon Oeuf Raifort

Salmon Egg and Horseradish Tartines

Tartines have a party feel to it: they can be eaten while holding a glass of wine and the smoked salmon in this recipe is an ingredient which gives a festive twist no matter how it’s served. Continue reading

I felt like making something celebratory because since about three weeks I am going a general life change. All of this makes me feel quite excited but sometimes I am also a bit apprehensive.

I haven’t had much time to cook this past week so this recipe was something which came in handy while I was working at home, either at my computer or rearranging the house. I love smoked salmon paired either with egg or horseradish. I thought that a combination of the three would be a tasty experience.

Salmon Egg and Horseradish Tartines


Salmon Egg Horseradish Tartines


Recipe for 8 tartines

Prep time : 15 min



6 hard boiled eggs

4 tbsp crème fraiche

2 tsp prepared horseradish

2 tbsp chopped chives

100-120 g smoked salmon

Salt and pepper

8 slices of bread (like baguette bread for example)



Peel and chop the eggs and place them in a bowl. Add the crème fraiche, horseradish, chives, salt and pepper. Mix until nice and even.

Take the bread slices and evenly spoon oven the egg mix. Place over the smoked salmon and serve.



Version Française

 Salmon Egg and Horseradish Tartines

Les tartines me donnent une sensation de fête : elles peuvent être consommée en tenant un verre de vin à la main et le saumon fumé est une ingrédient qui contribue toujours à rendre une table festive indifféremment de la manière dont on décide de le servir. J’avais envie de préparer une recette dans ce genre parce que depuis environ trois semaines je passe à travers un changement de vie. Tout cela me donne de l’enthousiasme et de temps à autre ça me met un peu de frayeur aussi.

Je n’ai pas eu beaucoup de temps pour cuisiner cette semaine mais cette recette est pratique pendant que je travaillais soit à l’ordinateur ou en réorganisant ma maison. J’adore le saumon fumé accompagné avec de l’œuf ou du raifort. J’ai pensé que combiner les trois ingrédients serait une expérience savoureuse.

Salmon Egg and Horseradish Tartines

Tartines au Saumon Oeuf Raifort


Pour 8 tartines

Temps de préparation : 15 min



6 œufs durs

4 cs crème fraiche

2 cc raifort râpé en pot

2 cs ciboulette

100-120 g saumon fumé

Sel et poivre

8 tranches de pain (comme du pain pour baguette par example)



Peler et hacher les œufs et le placer dans un bol. Ajouter la crème fraiche, le raifort, la ciboulette, le sel et le poivre. Bien mélanger.

Prendre les tranches de pain et placer le mélange d’œufs dessus. Ajouter le saumon et servir.


Goat Cheese and Apple Endive Wraps

Endive Wraps with Goat Cheese and Apple This past week the weather has bending towards summer rather than spring and we have reached 27°C. Continue reading

Because of these temperatures I felt like having something seasonal but refreshing so I made these endive wraps. With a friend we enjoyed these wraps with a nice glass of wine; sitting on the (not so comfortable) wooden church benches on my terrace. It was great to feel the outdoor air only wearing a sweater. I had in mind of making some kind of lettuce wrap but instead I found some nice endive a took those instead. The tanginess of the endive leaves with the creamy goat cheese and the sweet but slightly sour apples are a combination I always enjoy. I added some walnuts chives and dried cranberries to complete the flavour.

Endive Wraps with Goat Cheese and Apple 1Endive Wraps with Goat Cheese and Apple Endive Wraps with Goat Cheese and Apple

Goat Cheese and Apple Endive Wraps


For 14 pieces

Prep time: 10 min



140 g goat cheese log

1 apple (I used braeburn)

3 tbsp chopped dried cranberries

4 tbsp chopped chives

3 tbsp chopped walnuts

4 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp lemon juice

Salt and pepper

14 endive leaves



Cut the goat cheese into cubes of a small centimetre. Peel and core the apple and cut into cubes the same size as the goat cheese.

Place the cheese and apples in a bowl; add the dried cranberries, the chives, the walnuts and mix.

In another bowl mix the olive oil, the lemon juice, salt and pepper. Add ¾ of the dressing to goat cheese and apple and mix. Fill the endive leaves with this mix and drizzle the rest of the dressing on top them.

Serve as an appetizer.

Cheese Nests

Cheese Nest Bites 1_renamed_16031I love cosy moments when it’s cold and raining outside. Continue reading

Tonight after a while it should rain, maybe with a bit of luck the snow will finally cover the top of the Alps. I really want to ski next week but at the moment there is really not much snow. I know my friends would say:

‘But Fanny, you never ski anyway’.

Not (totally) true. It’s just because I’m a perfectionist when it comes to skiing conditions: sun, good snow and possibly not too many people. Anyway tonight, with my boyfriend, I want to make it a cosy evening and except for the salad, nothing will require the use of covers. I went for a selection of local products with crudités and these cheese baskets are something I wanted to try. I recently found the idea for this recipe on cheesesfromswitzerland once I was looking for some other kind of information on Swiss cheese. Unfortunately this recipe appears not to be on-line any more but they have other interesting ideas besides general information on Swiss cheese. Their version was made with ham, celery, croutons and a dressing containing apple juice and mustard. With the rain as a background sound, we will enjoy our meal and watch a few episodes of the third season of Game of Thrones.

Cheese Nest Bites 4_renamed_26258
Cheese Nest Bites 5_renamed_3103 

Cheese Nests


Makes 6 bites

Prep time : 10 minutes

Cook time:  7 minutes



60g grated cheese (for example a coarse Gruyère)

½ tsp flour

2 tsp Dijon mustard

1 tsp honey

1 tsp cider or apple vinegar

Salt and pepper

1 handful baby spinach



Heat oven at 220°C.

Take enough oven paper to line the surface of a baking tray. Cut the paper into 6 equal parts and place them on the tray.

Mix the flour, the cheese and a bit of pepper together. On each piece of oven paper place about 2 tsp of the preparation to form a round of about 8 cm. I helped myself with a round mould. Place in the oven for about 7 minutes (keep an eye on the process). Once you like the colour remove the tray from the oven (my advice is to cook the cheese rounds a bit more than what I did in the pictures). Take one piece of the paper with the cheese on it and flip it over the an upside down  espresso cup or similar sized container. Remove the paper and leave to cool.

In a small bowl mix the mustard, the honey, the vinegar and a bit of salt together.

Thinly slice the spinach leaves and mix them with the dressing (you might not need to use all of the dressing).

Roughly chop the walnuts and the cranberries.

Once the cheese nests have cooled, delicately remove them from the cups and fill them with a bit of spinach and sprinkle a bit of walnuts and cranberries.


Smoked Salmon Appetizer

Smoked Salmon AppetizerI am such a huge fan of finger food that I could eat this way at every meal. Come to think of it, I have been eating like this the past week or two. Continue reading

I have been going out quite often with my friends and when it’s not something spontaneous we eat at each other’s places, there’s always someone bringing either more food or wine and we enjoy to taste the whole lot. Now I don’t  know if it’s because we are southern women but there is always so much food. This time we had dinner at my place and I thought that making some light starter would be good because the main dish was oven melted Vacherin with boiled potatoes (which is delicious but quite nutritious, if anyone wants to know I can post this super easy recipe).

Melted Vacherin (800 x 666)

My idea for the appetizer was a dip with some crostini and crudités and this week’s recipe, which I had not yet prepared when they arrived (fortunately). With what they brought I could have welcomed three more guests. Michela is an old friend of mine and with her companion the make amazing cheese up in the mountains so she brought me some of her products which we shared. Then my Italian friends Simona and Monica arrived and they brought a spicy salami from their country, some goat kebabs (called ‘rostelle’) and some bread like rings (I forgot their name). When I saw the situation I placed the salmon back in the fridge. A couple of days past and finally I had the time to spend an evening of relax. I made them the way I intended to in the beginning and enjoyed them while reading a book and with some music to keep me company.

Salmon Balls 5


Smoked Salmon Appetizer

Makes about 10 balls – 3-4 people

Prep time: 15 min



120 smoked salmon (preferably all in one fillet)

10-12 dry roasted almonds

1 tbsp chopped parsley

1 small onion

1 ½ tsp prepared horseradish

2 tsp sour cream

1 small tbsp lemon juice

Salt and pepper

Olive oil (optional)



Cut the salmon into tiny pieces (like for a tartar) and place in a bowl.

Salmon Balls 9

Thinly chop the almonds and the onion and add them to the salmon with the parley the horseradish, sour cream, the lemon juice and salt and pepper to taste. Mix the ingredients together.

With a teaspoon scoop a bit of the preparation and roll to form a small ball. Drizzle with a little olive oil.  Serve alone or with some bread. Just remember the napkins…

Tomato tartar finger food

Tomato tartar aperitifSo tonight I am having a few friends coming over and we are going to make it a barbecue style evening with a nice finger food aperitif first. I love finger food; it feels like a true way to eat and the food feels even tastier. When I started writing about this recipe I began wondering where finger food was born. Back in time we have always used our hands to eat, think about the Romans who dined laying down and using exclusively one hand. After all, it was not until the 16th century that the use of the fork spread throughout Europe.
Continue reading

As I looked for information, the most common answer I found was that finger food is very much associated to the time of the prohibition and the speakeasies. In the hidden rooms and cellars along with booze, the owners began serving these cute sized portions of food. The finger food soaked up the liquor and guests would consume more: owners aimed to increase sales. Gradually the people began organising their own cocktail parties at home and finger food remained on the menu. The prohibition ended but thankfully finger food stayed. ( ,
Aperitif is something I love preparing and enjoying and tomorrow, with a selection of cheeses, meats and breads I am making a tomato tartar, a recipe which I have been doing for years but tonight I will serve it in small pizza bread baskets.

Recipe for 12 units (1-2 units p.p.)

For the baskets

260g pack flattened pizza dough

Olive oil

For the tomato tartar

4 small-medium sized tomatoes

8 sun dried tomatoes in oil + same amount of grilled peppers in oil

15 small green olives

2 tbsp chopped flat parsley

1 clove of garlic

2 spring onions

1 tbsp olive oil

Salt and pepper


Crispy bacon strips

Goat cheese


Heat the oven at 210°C.

Cut the dough in squares.

Oil the 12 muffin moulds. Place a square of dough in each mould, making it touch the borders.

Place in the oven for 20 minutes.

Cut the tomatoes in two and remove the seeds.

Thinly chop the tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, peppers and the olives. Place in a bowl.

Slice the spring onions. Pass the garlic through a garlic crusher. Add the two to the bowl with the parsley, olive oil, salt (not too much) and pepper. Mix.

Take the baskets out and let them cool a bit. Spoon an even quantity of the tartar in each basket and if you want you can add either bacon or goat cheese.