Aubergine Halloumi Skewers

Aubergine Halloumi Skewers

It’s such a great time of the year when you can live with the door open and enjoy the mild weather from morning to night. Like in many places, in Switzerland, grill parties are as popular with people as the blueberries in my garden are with blackbirds… Continue reading

So in honour of nice days outdoor eating I thought I’d make some vegetarian skewers which can work a main or as a side dish. Few ingredients are needed to make this recipe and not only it looks nice but the combination of Halloumi cheese and aubergine is something I just love. Enjoy!!!


Aubergine Halloumi Skewers Aubergine Halloumi Skewers


Aubergine Halloumi Skewers


Recipe for 8 skewers

Prep time: 15 min

Cook time: 10 min



1 medium aubergine

250 g Halloumi cheese

1 spring onion

Olive oil


(optional: salt)




Cut the Halloumi cheese into 2.5-3 cm cubes and do the same with the aubergine. Here, if you wish you can season the aubergine with salt. I didn’t do it as personally I find the Halloumi cheese is already salty enough in combination with the eggplant.

Take one skewer and pierce one aubergine cube, then, pierce a cheese cube (be gentle with the cheese as it may easily break). Alternate the two ingredients on the skewers; in the end you should have about 6-8 cubes on each stick. Lightly brush them with olive oil and season with pepper.

Either on a hot barbecue or on a griddle pan (if you’re don’t have any of them at hand, use a normal pan) place the skewers and allow them to colour on all sides by turning them regularly.

Meanwhile slice the spring onion.

Once the skewers are ready place them on a serving plate, drizzle a little olive oil on them and sprinkle the spring onions as a final touch.



Cheesy Chicken Skewers with Honeyed Carrot Salad

Cheesy Chicken Skewers with Honeyed Carrot SaladAfter a pretty busy weekend where I had visits, I attended the enogastronomic walk and on Sunday I had the summer party organised by my boyfriend’s political party; it’s nice to be back into a more calm routine. Continue reading

Yesterday I had my weekly lunch with my mother and usually I make something vegetarian since we both like it but this time I wanted to make something a little different and so I came up with these mince chicken skewers and this honeyed carrot salad. With the chicken I paired some Emmentaler cheese that has a relatively sweet taste and its flavour goes well with the chicken meat and the honeyed carrot salad.

Cheesy Chicken Skewers with Honeyed Carrot Salad


Cheesy Chicken Skewers with Honeyed Carrot Salad

Recipe for 4

Prep time: 20 min

Cook time: 10-12 min



For the chicken:

600 g chicken minced meat

2 tbsp. breadcrumbs

2 tbsp. thyme leaves

1 tsp. mustard powder

optional: cayenne pepper

4 tbsp. grated Emmentaler cheese

1 large spring onion – only the bulb

salt and pepper

2 tbsp. olive oil


For the carrot salad:

3 tbsp. olive oil

1.5 tbsp. cider vinegar

1 tbsp. runny honey

salt and pepper

1 tbsp chopped parsley

3 grated carrots – not too large ones

1 finely chopped spring onion (white part only)



For the carrot salad, in a bowl combine the olive oil, cider vinegar, honey, salt and pepper. Mix well and add the carrots and parsley. Toss and leave to macerate.

Meanwhile in another bowl mix the minced chicken, breadcrumbs, thyme, mustard powder, grated cheese, salt, pepper and optionally the cayenne pepper. Finely chop the spring onion and add it to the rest of the mix. Blend all together and divide the mass into 8 equal parts. Take one part and with your hands form sausage like shapes; repeat with the rest of the meat. Insert a wooden skewer stick into each “sausage”.

Heat 2 tbsp. olive oil and place the skewers to colour on all sides and allow them to cook through for 10-12 minutes.

Serve the salad with the skewers and some crusty bread.

Chicken Skewers with Harissa – Brochettes de Poulet avec Harissa

Harissa Chicken Skewers Since I have rediscovered harissa I have been using it for just about everything except desserts. Continue reading

For this I would like to thank John form the Bartolini kitchens and his Roasted Vegetable Salad with Harissa. Last Sunday my mother came over to my place because she managed to skip an event she didn’t want to attend. I made these skewers for us. In the beginning she wasn’t too convinced about the harissa but in the end I managed to change her mind. The result is that she has now bought some of the red paste and she told me that soon she will make something like this at home for her partner.

Harissa Chicken Skewers Harissa Chicken Skewers


Chicken Skewers with Harissa


Recipe for 8 skewers

Prep time: 10 min

Cook time: 10-15 min



4 chicken breasts

4 small zucchini

1 onion

2 tbsp harissa

2 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp lemon juice

1/2 tsp garlic power




Cut the chicken breasts into 2 lengthwise and then divide each half into 3 chunks that are the same size (in case you can also put two smaller pieces together). Slice the zucchini into 1.5 cm thick slices. Remove the skin from the onion, cut it into half and cut each half into four parts. Divide the layers of the onion.

With a skewer pierce one slice of zucchini, then a piece of onion then a piece of chicken. Repeat three times and end with a zucchini slice and an onion. Repeat the action with the rest of the skewers.

In a bowl mix the harissa, olive oi, lemon juice and garlic powder. Brush the skewers with this preparation on all sides and leave to marinate for 20 min or more.

Just before placing the skewers on the barbecue or the griddle pan add the salt. Grill them on all sides until nicely brown and until the chicken is cooked through. Serve them warm or also at room temperature.



Version Française


Harissa Chicken Skewers Depuis que j’ai redécouvert la harissa, j’en mets un peu partout exceptés dans les desserts. Pour ça je voudrais remercier John de from the Bartolini kitchens avec sa Roasted Vegetable Salad with Harissa. Dimanche passé ma mère est passée chez moi vu qu’elle a réussi à éviter d’aller à un évènement ou elle ne voulait participer.  Moi, j’ai préparé ces brochettes pour nous deux. Au début elle n’était pas trop convaincue à propos de la harissa mais à la fin j’ai réussi à lui faire changer d’avis. Le résultat c’est que maintenant elle aussi a acheté la pâte rouge et elle m’a dit que bientôt elle va préparer quelque chose dans ce genre pour un dîner avec son ami.

Harissa Chicken Skewers Harissa Chicken Skewers


Brochettes de Poulet avec Harissa


Recette pour 8 brochettes

Temps de préparation: 10 min

Temps de cuisson: 10-15 min


4 potrines de poulet

4 petites courgettes

1 oigno

2 cs harissa

2 cs huile d’olive

2 cs jus de citron

1/2 cc d’ail en poudre




Couper les poitrines de poulet en 2 dans le sense de la longueur et couper chaque moitié en trois parties de la même taille (si jamais on peut aussi mettre deux parties plus petites ensemble). Couper les courgettes en tranches de 1.5 cm d’épaisseur. Enlever la peau de l’oignon, le  couper en deux et chaque moitié en quatre parties. Diviser les couches de l’oignon.

Avec une brochette percer une tranche de courgettes, puis une pièce d’oignon et puis un bout de poulet. Répéter cet ordre trois fois et terminer par une tranche de courgette et un bout d’oignon. Répéter avec le reste des brochettes.

Dans un bol mélanger la harissa, l’huile d’olive, le jus de citron et l’ail en poudre. Badigeonner les brochettes avec cette préparation et laisser mariner pendant 20 min ou plus.

Juste avant de mettre les brochettes sur le barbecue ou la poêle à griller ajouter le sel. Griller les brochettes de tous les côtés jusqu’à qu’elles soient bien colorées et que le poulet est complètement cuit. Servir chaud ou même à température ambiante.