Potato Terrine

Potato Terrine 4 (800 x 615)In Italian there is the saying “In cucina la patata è regina” and this literally means “In the kitchen the potato is queen”. Continue reading

 To me this recipe is a proof of the versatility of the potato. This recipe comes from another my mother’s old cookbooks. It’s almost a ritual to go over the old cupboard and open the bottom door and take out a few of the stacked books. In there you can find just about any kind of cuisine and one of these cookbooks is dedicated to potatoes. When I found this terrine I thought it’d be a fun recipe to try. In my version I added some goat cheese; I used carrots and onions instead of bell peppers and chose different herbs from the printed recipe. This recipe can be made ahead and/or frozen and it works well for a dinner between friends. I am always looking for make ahead recipes, it means: no stress, one dish less to prepare and more time to take care of my quite problematic hair. Next Wednesday I will cook for a few friends and after this terrine I am thinking of serving some venison maybe with some cabbage and chestnuts… I am open to outside ideas.


Potato Terrine

Potato Terrine 1 (800 x 644)

Recipe for a 22 cm cake mold

Prep time: 20 min

Cook time: 20 min


Ingredients :

400 g peeled potatoes (floury type is better)

50 g butter (+ 1 tbsp for frying)

60 g fresh goat cheese

2 carrots

1 onion

1 tbsp thyme

1 small bunch chopped parsley leaves

Salt and pepper


1.25 dl cream (I used ½ fat)


Recipe :

Boil the potatoes, remove the water and while they are still hot mash them well.

Melt the butter and whip it with the goat cheese into the mash . Mix until smooth and even. Set aside.

Dice the carrots and the onion into small pieces.

Heat the tbsp butter in a pan and add the vegetable, the thyme, salt and pepper; steam them for about 5 min, cool and add to the potatoes with the parsley, about a ¼ tsp salt and pepper and nutmeg to taste.

Whip the cream and delicately add it to the potatoes.

Place some cellophane to line the inside of the cake mold and fill it with the potato preparation. Take the care to press the mass down to fill and air pockets (it still tastes good but it’s less appealing to the eye…). Smooth the surface of the terrine, cover and place in the fridge for 4 hours. Slice and serve as a first course or as a main with a salad, salmon or chicken.

This recipe can be made one day in advance and can be frozen too. Why not browning the slices in a bit of fat and serve them warm…