Sweet Potato Aubergine Melts


Last weekend I attended one of my favourite events: the enogastronomic walk that is Gusta il Borgo. Last year I couldn’t be present as I was getting married but this year I wouldn’t have missed for anything in the world. The nine kilometre walk around the beautiful town of Ascona while tasting wine and genuine products is a perfect excuse for some movement in a truly friendly context. Continue reading

Here are a few pictures of our day where the only thing I have to remember next time is to smother myself with more sun cream…



Summer events may be getting to an end, but fortunately it’s not the case for local, organic produce, like the aubergines in this recipe. With this I decided to make a friendly easy and healthy recipe and thought that tartines, toasts and/or melts are a great match. As I was preparing this recipe I began thinking about the infinity of combinations for every season of the year; for instance, with autumn just around the corner, I’ll try this with some diced butternut squash, goat cheese and some rosemary or sage.

Sweet Potato Melts


Sweet Potato Aubergine Melts

Recipe for 8 pieces

Prep time: 15 min

Cook time: 30-35 min



2-3 sweet potatoes

1 small aubergine

1-2 garlic cloves (depending on the size)

30 g quinoa

150 g mozzarella

1-2 chillies

Olive oil

Salt and pepper

16-18 basil leaves



Place the quinoa in two times its volume of water, season with salt and bring it to a boil. Simmer for about 15 min, until it’s done and the water will have been absorbed. Once done set aside.

Heat oven at 210°C (fan 190°C).

Meanwhile, clean and dry the sweet potatoes. Lengthwise, cut the extremities and discard them. Now cut the sweet potatoes into 1 cm thick slices and brush them with olive oil and season them with salt and pepper on both sides. Just remember that the amounts in this recipe are made for eight slices. Place the sweet potato in the oven and bake for 25-30 min, turning them once or twice during the cooking process.

Remove the seeds from the chillies and finely chop them, along with the garlic. Cut the aubergine into 1 cm thick slices, stack them (maybe not all at once) and cut them into small cubes.

Add 1 tbsp. olive oil, the chillies and the garlic to a non-stick pan and fry for 2-3 min on a medium heat. Add the aubergine cubes, season with salt and pepper and brown them on all sides tossing regularly. Finally add the cooked quinoa, mix everything together and remove from the fire. Rectify taste if needed.

Slice the mozzarella into ½ cm thick slices.

Once the sweet potatoes are done remove the tray from the oven and evenly spoon the aubergine/quinoa preparation, on top distribute the mozzarella slices.

Turn on the broiler and place the sweet potato melts in the oven for a few minutes. Once the mozzarella will have melted and lightly browed remove the melts from the oven, top with the basil leaves and serve asap.



Cheese on Toast with Leeks

Croute au Fromage with Leeks 5I have been here in the canton Valais for a few days and it’s great to see that the snow has finally arrived. This context has inspired this week’s cheese on toast recipe or in French ‘croûte au fromage’. Continue reading

This dish is a staple recipe I always associate with the mountain and the ski season. This is an incredibly easy recipe which I have decided to add vegetables in order to add a bit of nutritional value. When I was small my mother used to make this dish so I decided to ask her and have a quick look at the only version I have of this recipe: this is the result. I am happy about the taste but next time I will definitely use ‘raclette’ cheese instead, it suits this mountain themed dish better.

I wish to all of you a great end of 2013 and an even better start of 2014. Happy New Year!

Croute au Fromage with Leeks 1 Croute au Fromage with Leeks 3

Cheese on Toast with Leeks

Recipe for 2

Prep time : 10 minutes

Cook time: 25 minutes



200 g leeks

4 large bread slices or 6 smaller ones


Butter (optional)

200 g flavourful grated cheese (I used a mix of Gruyère and Appenzeller)

1 tsp flour

0.5 dl white wine (you can use milk for children)

1 dl cream

Salt and pepper

Nutmeg (optional)



Heat oven at 220°C.

Slice the leeks and place them in a pan with some butter, season with salt and pepper. Cook on a medium fire until soft and set aside.

Toast the bread slices. Spread a little mustard and the optional butter on one surface of the bread slices. Place them in a greased oven proof dish (you can either use individual dishes or one for all). Drizzle the wine (or milk) over them.  Set aside so the bread can soak a little.

In a bowl mix the cheese, the flour, the cream and season with pepper and eventually nutmeg.

Take the dish with the bread and place the leeks on top of the slices. Now add the cheese mix on top and place in the oven for 10-15 minutes keeping an eye on the process. Serve hot eventually with a salad.